Egg Tempera

Egg tempera technique

Blazena enjoys to write icons by egg tempera.

This is an ancient and well tested method. The results are long lasting and good looking even after centuries.

Egg tempera allows completely remodel used natural material created by the Lord such as wood, earths, minerals, semiprecious stones, egg yolk and rabbit skin, chalk and water into matter bearing the holy images of our Saviour, his holy Mother and Saints.

This transfiguration is very similar to another one that is on-going at holy prestol (altar) during the Divine liturgy.

Because of these reasons Blazena strongly avoids to use artificial elements like ready made paints or panels made of sawdust, where there is more glue than wood.

Blazena creates icons choosing excellent natural materials. These include hand carved tulip wood and lime panels , hand processed mineral and earth pigments for the egg tempera emulsions. She applies 23 carat gold leaf as a symbol for God who gives life and love, leaving nothing for himself, but reflects every goodness back to us. She is not afraid to put on emeralds, opals, zircons or rubies.

But the whole procedure is in vain unless an iconographer does not do a proper research on a subject and a well processed designer job. And Blazena thinks also to fast and to pray is fundamental.

An iconographer is called as a Christian into the Universal Priesthood to intercede for the world and to transform matter so to serve the Spirit.

This way the art of icon manifests before our eyes the world transfigured in Jesus Christ.