Feel warmly invited into the space consigned to the works of Blazena Dzurjanikova, an icon painter and designer of religious articles, based in Scotland, United Kingdom.


Blazena is a member of the Greek Catholic Church alongside with her husband and children.

Over a half of her life the couple has been walking on the Neocatechumenal Way in the midst of the Church as the source of their constant spiritual conversion and their lifestyle.

Inspired by the Way Blazena Dzurjanikova has been an iconographer for over twenty years.

More than three hundred of her works are spread over many countries including Britain, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic and of course in Slovakia, her homeland.

These enclose panel icons, icon screens, murals, painted and sewed liturgical cloths, etc. Some of them are in churches, institutions and many in private collections.

Blazena is heartened by the Russian and Byzantine icon art, a never ending fountain of inspiration.

We hope you will find this web site useful and enjoyable by looking at the illustrations of her work.

Please feel free to ask, comment or make a demand. Blazena is always happy to deliver a good service to you.